Global Endocrine Testing Market to be Worth USD 2.03 billion by 2019

Endocrine Testing MarketThe endocrine system and overview of endocrine testing

The endocrine system is comprised of endocrine glands as well as secretor organs that are responsible for releasing hormones into the blood stream directly. The proper functioning of the endocrine system is central to the regulation of various important body mechanisms such as emotional and sexual development, growth, as well as metabolism. The endocrine system also enables the body to handle stress as well as certain other cellular mechanisms by working in sync with the nervous system.

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Hormones are often termed as the ‘chemical messengers’ of the body. They relay information and instructions from one cell set in the body to another. However, hormones can only ‘communicate’ with or act on body cells that feature the genetic programming to receive this information and instructions, and respond to it.

The ideal level of hormones in the body can sometimes change because of factors such as a change in the mineral level or level of body fluids, besides other factors such as infection and stress. It is possible to assess the exact hormone levels in the body by performing various types of endocrine tests.

The significance of endocrine tests

A surge or fall in hormone levels in the body can be accurately determined by endocrine testing market. Through these tests, it is possible to ascertain both hyposecretion as well as hypersecretion of hormones into the blood. An imbalance in hormones could be the cause of various endocrine-related disorders such as diabetes and sexual dysfunction among others.

As the number of people suffering from obesity, diabetes and infertility rise worldwide, it has paved the way for the growth of endocrine test kits. The growing acceptance of the use of such kits has to a certain extent contributed to this growth too.

In addition to endocrine test kits, the market has been introduced to various diagnostic platforms that are based on advanced technologies that have made testing more convenient and rapid. A growing healthcare awareness among people worldwide is yet another factor responsible for propelling growth in this market.

At the same time, there prevail certain market restraints such as complicated and rigid reimbursement policies and high development costs. These factors collectively hamper the ideal growth of the global endocrine testing market.

Growth sectors within the Endocrine Testing Market

Endocrine tests continue to remain instrumental in detecting abnormal hormone levels in the blood stream. Within the endocrine tests market, the segment that is likely to witness the highest growth up to 2019 is that of insulin tests primarily driven by the growing incidence of diabetes among people worldwide. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that the number of diabetics in the world will reach 592 million by 2035. Reports also show that approximately 80% of those suffering from diabetes live in nations that are classified as having low or middle income.

The following tests constituted the largest markets within the endocrine tests sector:

  • Insulin tests are expected to record the highest growth rate during the forecast period as the global incidence of diabetes grows
  • Tests for thyroid-stimulating hormones are likely to occupy the second highest growth rate over the period of the forecast as thyroid disorders rise and their connection with cardiovascular disorders emerges strongly
  • The third position is expected to be occupied by follicle stimulating hormone tests
  • The fourth position within the endocrine tests market is expected to be held by human chorionic Gonadotropin test

The demand for diagnostic technologies is expected to grow at varying rates. The fastest growing among these is expected to be the tandem mass spectrometry segment, followed by immunoassays and sensor technologies. However, the market for these test types could be hampered by their high costs and the considerable expenses involved in R&D.

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Asia-Pacific is expected to emerge as the fastest growing region for the Endocrine Tests market over the forecast period, because of factors such as growing awareness of healthcare, large patient pool, a growing disposable income and a healthy flow of investments by key market players.